We're an award winning digital agency. We break new ground, engage end-users and steal market share for our clients

WHAT WE DO .....

Digital never sleeps and this list is not exhaustive. We’re shaping industry trends and expanding our offering all the time. Our commercial focus is acquisition, engagement and conversion.


It's loving what we do. Unleashing our raw talent. It can be a rush of power. Or pure pleasure. Driven to produce the best work. And reach the most users. It's charged with energy. Dogged, relentless, proud. Wakes people up, spurs people on. And leaves a trail of brilliance.

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Our Services

The most rewarding way to design is by getting inside the mind of your ideal customer. Creating a solid profile of your audience allows us to figure out the best way to engage those people.

Android Application Development

Make Your Business Truly Mobile with Effective and Optimized Apps.We Won’t Tell You What Everyone Else is Saying about Mobile.We’ll Do It For You

Digital Markerting

Increase Business Exposure with Power-Charged Digital Marketing.Stay ahead of the curve with our carefully planned CTA.


Focus on your business at hand and leave the hosting of your data to us. We’ll maintain your data’s security as if it were our own.

Website design

Delivering Fast, Responsive & Unique Web Experience.We are there for you if you’re looking for building a website or revamping your website design.


Your company brand isn’t just fancy marketing jargon. It is the difference in closing a sale or losing one.


We have a few maintenance options to fit your specific budget, which allow us to give you the best service possible. Contact us today to discuss all of your options.


Happy clients

"Talk to Bigdrop and you will not regret, they are a humble and dedicated team that delivers”
Mr.Tony Mwangi. Transafrica Water Systems
“Bigdrop gave me advice on S.E.O, I opted to work with them. That was the best decision ever!”
Stephen Siloma. Blogger
“Bigdrop made a simple web portfolio for our company, our brand and image online has grown since then.”
Timothy Muya Chief Finance Officer.

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We are a creative agency with a passion for design & developing beautiful creations.

Aqualert - Water Drink Reminder.

Drinking water is a healthy practice in which most of us lack. We tend to neglect our body and related requirements and one such body necessity is “Water”.

I am Afraid. By Hayes Njogu.

I feel afraid a lot these days (“and please don't judge me!”). I chose a way of life where I have to craft my own role, set my own target and pave my own path towards it.

My Telegram Story.

At the end of the day, any other solid chat application would do the same thing Telegram does....

"The moment you put a deadline on your dream,it becomes a goal."
James Mworia. Company director
"You will never have a perfect chance.You have to take opportunities as they come."
Govenor Njoroge E. P. CBK Govenor
"It's not a bug - it's a feature. Your 'madness' may be your distinction."
Sunny Bindra. Author | Writer.

Our clients

We are a creative agency with a passion for design & developing beautiful creations.